Event Information Form

                                         CUSTOM PROP RENTALS

This document sets forth the agreement between CUSTOM PROP RENTALS (“CPR”) and ________________________________ (“Customer”). The specific deliveries, statement of work and costs for the engagement are described in Exhibit A of the agreement attached.

Event Information

Date: ___________

Event Address: ___________________________________________________

Day of contact phone number: __________________

Two-hour delivery time frame: __________________

Two-hour pickup time frame: __________________


[ ] Venue (Banquet Room Name: ____________________)

[ ] Home

[ ] Park

If the Set-Up/Labor Fee is paid for, and drivers are not able to access venue/freight elevator upon delivery, then the Set-Up/Labor Fee will not be refunded. Additional fees will apply for difficult access (Stairs, No Freight Elevator, etc.). Please Discuss this with CPR prior booking your event . In the event if stairs or difficult access presents itself at the time of the event which makes the delivery impossible or dangerous, the funds paid for the event will not be refunded and event canceled. If drivers arrive to the event during the requested timeframe written in the contract, and are unable to obtain Custom Prop Rentals Property, client must pay an additional $150 or greater for the Pick Up charged on the Invoice. *Please note: Prices are for day rentals only. The cut off time is 1AM. An additional fee will apply for day before delivery offered after 5PM. Next Day Pick Up offered before 12PM. By signing Customer is aware of above policy for CPR.

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